Waterloo is happy to offer mini-retreats to our congregation and the community. Retreats topics and activities vary, so please click the link below to learn more about our retreats. 
Waterloo Retreat Website
Here are some descriptions of past retreats:

Holistic Transitions

We each go through transitions in life. From new jobs to retirement, new relationships to divorce, a new healthy lifestyle or adjusting to illness, a growing family to death or a newly empty nest, these changes are a stress for the mind, body, and soul. This retreat will address these and so many other transitional moments. So often we feel alone during this time, however this retreat emphasizes that these are a hurdles many people face and and you don’t have to face it alone. We will work with the mind, body, and soul to face and journey through these with grace and love. Please join us on Saturday February 4th at the JAM catering center on the grounds of Waterloo Village from 9-3, as we walk together in building up our spirits to lean into this time of transition. Activities will include yoga/meditation, journaling, group discussion, and reflective practices.


OUCH! We say this when our bodies are injured. When we stub our toe or when someone runs over our foot with a shopping cart in the store. We rarely ever use this simple word to exclaim when our heart is wounded, our feelings hurt, or our life altered by a painful experience. Yet, recognizing the “ouch” is the first step in knowing that you are hurt and moving toward forgiving the other or yourself who caused the ouch. Forgiveness is the process of changing our feelings and reaction to an offense by letting go of the anger, sadness, and other inhibiting emotions associated with the ouch so we can move on. Forgiveness doesn't excuse bad behavior, forgiveness prevents that behavior from holding us back.


When we hear Veruca Salt sing, “I want it now” in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, do we understand that we each have a desire for more that very well may never be quenched? However, what if we already had everything we needed? Imagine, if we explored our lives and found that what we wanted already existed in our bodies, minds, and souls? On Saturday November 15, 2014, we will step away from the busy world of “…wanting it all, and wanting everything…” and quietly talk, meditate, and participate in restorative practices to remind us of all that we have and to remain mindful of our gratitude.

Fear Not

The invitation for this program is to practice the art of allowing love to replace fear in our bodies, our minds, and our souls. In this full day retreat on the grounds of historic Waterloo Village, as its title implies, the retreat is devoted to engaging with fear and the hurts it creates in our lives. As we spend time together in meditation, yoga, spiritual learning, and holy conferencing we will help participants find the love within, to you gain the clarity, support, and spiritual strength required to leave behind a life of stories and excuses and finally access a life of authenticity and inherent dignity. We were made to love and be loved. Through dialogue, experiential practices, and guided explorations, we confront our fears, and explore the generosity, wisdom, and peace found in love.

Finding Bethlehem in the Midst of Bedlam

Please join us as we begin the Christmas season with a retreat to experience peace in the middle of pressure, touchpoint of reconciliation in the middle of the rancor. Join us for lessons on emotional, spiritual, and relational freedom based on the James W. More text of the same name. We will combine meditation, restorative yoga, massage, and aroma therapy to support you this season and every Holiday thereafter. All ages and religious/spiritual backgrounds are welcome to attend.